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AppNET Group is also Academic Project Training provider based at Nagpur; provide three month or six months Training to all graduate and post graduate Students on IT Live Projects. We provide practical project based training to all Students to enable them to get hand on the latest technologies. It has dedicated teams to guide students in Live Project Training and many more. We believe in the training that not only meets but exceeds professional training standards. We firmly believe in proactive, innovative, practical training methods that work in the real world.

In Live Project Training we ensure that we fill this gap which every beginner goes through before either getting into the job or sometimes even after getting a job and not being comfortable among co-workers because of unfamiliarity with the complete Project Life Cycle. We have dedicated teams to train students in designing, development, internet marketing, embedded systems, Academic Training and many more.

Here, you will experience the COMPLETE PROJECT LIFE CYCLE STEP BY STEP under the guidance of an expert who has lots of experience working in Software Development on various projects.

Whether you are a fresher or a student wanting to be introduced to the practical world of software development or a seasoned programmer who is moving to a different programming language, our Live project Training has the benefits for all and will impart in you the confidence one would need to simply go ahead and start working on projects in the very first job and impress your co-workers.

We always have been in the forefront when it comes to guiding and tracking a student’s talent in the right direction. To prepare each student from industry point of view, we offer self grooming, career tips, developing strong personality skills and cracking interview sessions. In today’s time grabbing the right job is most crucial, and therefore one needs to represent all the skills and positive attributes about oneself.

Software development is more than just coding. Before you write even a single line of code, it requires careful Analysis of the requirements, gathering information, preparing the necessary documentation. And that’s just the beginning. Success of the project will depend on how we decide to tackle the complexity of the project, the choice of technology, the type of architecture etc.

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