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Web hosting is the most widespread hosting service. The website itself is being hosted on a web server most often located in a specialized data center. The web server offers uninterrupted Internet connectivity, a certain set of software packages, which offer additional services such as e-mail, ftp, databases, as well as an environment for utilizing different programming languages such as: php, java, html and others.

The solution hosting corporations have come up with is named shared web hosting. With the shared hosting solution, plenty of users are hosted on one and the same web hosting server. There are harsh limitations on the resources that each shared hosting account can actually avail of, thus ensuring that they do not intervene with each other.

Dedicated servers are in most circumstances much more high-priced than shared web hosting. If your corporation has a heavy-content online portal, or just has very explicit web server configuration and safety requirements, the right option is a dedicated hosting web server that you or your technicians can administer directly. For someone who is prepared to invest in safety and dependability, the greater price is not a problem.

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